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Cutting days for Fall/Winter

Cutting will be done on the week of 1st and 15th of the month from November til April 1st. If you would like to have your lawn done on a more frequent basis during this time, please contact me via text, phone call, or e-mail and accommodations will be made.

                                                                                  DeShun Walker.

PO Box 2541
Riverview, Fl 33579

Watering the Lawn

Make sure that you water your lawn on the proper days. It is best to water them early morning. If possible water around 6-7am. This way the lawn can use the water during the long hot days we have right now. If you water the lawn to early you run the risk of water sitting to long and the growth of mold growing in your lawn and killing the grass.

Lawn Trimming, Hedge Trimming, and Flower Trimming

Remember to not trim your, flowers, shrubs, lawn, or trees to short in the winter months. This could cause the items to be over exposed to the cold and die. If you have any questions or concerns about this call us at 813.263.8183

Lawn Schedule

Starting November 1, 2014 lawn care services will be provided the week of the 1st & 15th every month unless other arrangements have been made. If their are any questions please call us at 813.263.8183 or email us at walkerfamilylawn@yahoo.com
Weekly services will resume April 1, 2015

Water Sprinklers

Please turn your sprinklers off this week 9/21 as we are getting slammed with rain. Remember to much of something is not always good. Too much water could cause a fungus to your lawn if it is constantly soaked and not given the oppurtunity to dry.
                                                                                                                                    DeShun W.

Rainy Schedule

It's raining!!!! It's a good thing for the lawn, but not for me. My schedule is really thrown off due to all the rain the past few days. Please bare with me as I try to catch everyone's lawn up. It has been a difficult task as I am a school teacher 1st, however providing you all with the best service possible is my focus as well. If you have any questions please let me know via email or phone call (813) 263-8183 or walkerfamilylawn@yahoo.com
                                                                                              DeShun Walker


Dear Valued Customers,
                                          On Thursday May 22, 2014 I will be leaving the country for a few days for the Dominican Republic. I will be returning on Monday May 26, 2014 and will resume services on your lawns. If you have any questions please contact me at 813.263.8183, it will probably be best to e-mail me at  www.walkerfamilylawn@yahoo.com
                                                                                                  DeShun W.

Credit Card Payment thru PayPal

Dear Valued Customers,
                                          I have now set up thru PayPal where I can send you out an electronic payment. All I need is your E-mail address and you can recieve an invoice electronically!!!!!!! If you have any questions please let me know via E-mail at:www.walkerslawnmaintenance@yahoo.com or by phone 813.263.8183

Water late in the mornings!!!!

Dear Valued Customers,
                                        Spring is here and we are experiencing some hot weather already. Please make sure you water your grass as late as possible in the mornings. This keeps your grass moist and not as dry and brittle during the day> If I see your lawn is brittle and dry I will skip a cut because cutting dry brittle grass could kill it. So please water as late as possible in the mornings!!!! Hope all is well with your lawns.


Please remember to bring outdoor plants inside during the nights when the temprature is below 45 degrees. If you cannot bring them in you should cover them up with a thermal blanket for plants or a regular blanket. This will help perserve your plants and flowers!!!!!!

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